3 Ways millennials can manage their personal finances

Together millennials and Generation Z make up a sizeable generational demographic in India. They drive seismic changes in technology, managing money, consumer behaviour, and workplace norms. Most millennials manage their finances by harnessing new technology. They mostly use online banking tools to carry out their financial transactions. They prefer dealing with money and budgeting online. Studies conducted […]


How are listed options settled?

When trading options, you are essentially betting on the future direction of a particular asset. If you think the price of an underlying security will go up, you will buy a call option. If you anticipate that the price will decrease, you will buy a put option. Options contracts give the holder the right, but […]


Are You Going To Hire An Accountant? Consider These 7 Factors

For a long time, the image of the accountant was associated only with the professional who performed calculations and issued tax slips to be paid by the enterprise. However, the world has changed, the market is increasingly competitive, and companies know that hiring an accountant is essential for business development. Thus, this specialist such as […]


Ways You Can Reduce Consumption Of Energy

Did you know that practically all the electricity produced in homes comes from hydroelectric plants? And although this is considered a relatively sustainable and clean energy matrix, its generation capacity is linked to the rainfall regime. Thus, in times of drought and high consumption, the risk of blackout increases significantly. Here are ways you can […]