All About the GSA Professional Services Schedule

What is the GSA Professional Services Schedule?

What do film production, nanotechnology research, and flight training all have in common? Companies providing such services can do business with the U.S. Government through a GSA Professional Services Schedule. Professional Services is one of the twelve Large Categories that makes up the GSA MAS program, and allows government agencies to obtain the professional, technical, and scientific help they need from top industry partners.

The Professional Services Schedule is comprised of 7 legacy Schedules that were consolidated a few years ago:

  • GSA Schedule 541 – Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
  • GSA Schedule 871 – Engineering Services
  • GSA Schedule 899 – Environmental Services
  • GSA Schedule 520 – Financial and Business Solutions
  • GSA Schedule 738 II – Language Services
  • GSA Schedule 874 V – Logistics Worldwide
  • GSA Schedule 874 – Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

What can you sell under the GSA Professional Services Category?

The category covers a very wide scope of services, meaning that there’s certainly a place for every company. The Professional Services Schedule subcategories are:

  1. Business Administrative Services
  2. Environmental Services
  3. Financial Services
  4. Identity Protection Services
  5. Language Services
  6. Legal Services
  7. Logistical Services
  8. Marketing and Public Relations
  9. Technical and Engineering Services (non-IT)
  10. Training

Is it worth getting a GSA Professional Services contract?

The numbers say it all. In the fiscal year 2020, companies generated $36.3bn in GSA MAS contract sales, nearly all of which had gone to federal government customers. $10.2bn of this was under the Professional Services category, the second-most profitable of all the GSA Schedules. This enormous sum in sales was earned by just 5,100 companies, educational institutions, and non-profits, averaging out at $2m per contractor.

A GSA Professional Services contract offers not just the financial benefits, but also a long-term business stability. GSA MAS contracts last for five years and can be extended up to 3 times. Can you imagine what degree of growth the two decades of success in the government marketplace could mean for your business?

How can Price Reporter help you get a GSA Professional Services contract?

Applying for and maintaining a GSA Professional Services Schedule is a complex and detail-oriented process. A small mistake could lead to the months-long application process ending in failure, unfavourable contract prices, or losing the opportunity to extend your GSA MAS contract. If you’re unfamiliar with government contracting, it can be very useful to have government contract experts to guide you through every stage: preparing your application, contract management, getting your services on GSA Advantage! and other platforms, post-award compliance, and more. Price Reporter’s consultants are here to help. Contact us today for a free introductory consultation or check out Price Reporter’s website for more information.