How To Get A general liability insurance policy

‍General liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from claims for anything that may happen to you or your car, including auto accidents, falls, theft, and any job-related accidents. General Liability insurance will provide coverage for anything from bodily injury and illness to property damage and other costs connected with an accident, […]


 ULIP Charges You Should Know About

ULIPs or Unit-Linked Insurance Plans are an ideal option for those who want life insurance beyond the conventional plans. ULIPs have an investment element attached to them. As a ULIP policyholder, you can instruct your insurer regarding your goals and how you wish to use your premium amount. You can choose between a variety of […]


3 Ways millennials can manage their personal finances

Together millennials and Generation Z make up a sizeable generational demographic in India. They drive seismic changes in technology, managing money, consumer behaviour, and workplace norms. Most millennials manage their finances by harnessing new technology. They mostly use online banking tools to carry out their financial transactions. They prefer dealing with money and budgeting online. Studies conducted […]


How are listed options settled?

When trading options, you are essentially betting on the future direction of a particular asset. If you think the price of an underlying security will go up, you will buy a call option. If you anticipate that the price will decrease, you will buy a put option. Options contracts give the holder the right, but […]


Are You Going To Hire An Accountant? Consider These 7 Factors

For a long time, the image of the accountant was associated only with the professional who performed calculations and issued tax slips to be paid by the enterprise. However, the world has changed, the market is increasingly competitive, and companies know that hiring an accountant is essential for business development. Thus, this specialist such as […]


Ways You Can Reduce Consumption Of Energy

Did you know that practically all the electricity produced in homes comes from hydroelectric plants? And although this is considered a relatively sustainable and clean energy matrix, its generation capacity is linked to the rainfall regime. Thus, in times of drought and high consumption, the risk of blackout increases significantly. Here are ways you can […]


What are Focused Equity Funds, and how do they work?

When it comes to mutual funds online, you have different investment avenues. You can opt for only an equity or debt portfolio or create a balanced portfolio with equity-debt investments combined. However, if you prefer an investment strategy that is diversified yet focused, you can opt for a focused equity mutual fund portfolio. Focused mutual […]


All About the GSA Professional Services Schedule

What is the GSA Professional Services Schedule? What do film production, nanotechnology research, and flight training all have in common? Companies providing such services can do business with the U.S. Government through a GSA Professional Services Schedule. Professional Services is one of the twelve Large Categories that makes up the GSA MAS program, and allows […]


5 Tips to Use a Personal Loan for the Wedding Season in 2021 and Beyond

An Indian wedding is usually an extravagant affair. Exotic décor, larger-than-life buffets, high-end gifts like jewellery and a series of functions including Roka, Haldi, Mehendi and Sangeet are the quintessence of the event. It is a week-long affair that comes with a hefty price tag. But fret not. An unsecured personal loan can be turned […]



People around the world take various types of loans for various different work. Not everyone has to take anyone’s exact loan to fulfil the purchase or need for which the loan has been applied or taken from banks. Even some people are there who do not have proper knowledge about a loan. This is so […]