Customs Consulting Can Expedite Your Travel

Any time you travel between two countries you will have to go through customs.  Even if you are not planning to bring anything of import with you during these travels, customs clearance is important because it helps to protect foreign trade as well as domestic safety.  Customs is a big part of international trade regulation designed to maintain economic stability and government compliance.

If you travel between the United States and Canada you will often have to undergo a minimal customs process. At the border, for example, your car might be inspected or you might be asked to fill out some paperwork.  Because these two countries are friendly, and this type of travel is pretty regular, the two governments work to ensure that this process is simple and quick.

Still, anytime you might travel—by car—across this border, you will have to go through this process. Depending upon what you bring with you, the process could be more complicated or time consuming.  Fortunately, you can take advantage of Clearit Canada customs consulting to help you with the process.

What is Customs Consulting?

Briefly, customs consulting provides you with advice and guidance regarding the many aspects of customs and the whole importing process.  It is very important to remember that this process can be time consuming, even though it is often very simple (just some paperwork).  The more valuables you bring with you, the more complex this process can be.  Customs consulting, then, helps to make sure that your paperwork, fees, and transport process all go as smoothly as possible.

Customs Clearance Documentation

Customs consultants specialize in expediting your customs clearance paperwork.  They can help you upload your shipping-related documentation and even designate power of attorney to act in your stead over the majority of the import process.  They can also advise on things like Bill of Sale, which can be important if you are planning to bring high-value items across the border.

Making a Payment

Anytime you deal with customs you will have to pay certain fees, duties, taxes, and tariffs.  Of course, if you hire a customs consultant, you will have additional charges (but they are often a worthy investment). It is important, though, to pay these fees as soon as possible because you will not be able to transport your stuff until you do.  The whole process can take some time, so be sure to give yourself several days to process paperwork and payments.