Esports: the rise of a new name in the industry

According to Weplay business development research global esports industry revenues will reach around $1.65 billion in 2021. Experts admit that 396 million will be brought by the sale of media rights for broadcasting competitions and other events. This data shows that esports transformed from a narrow niche to a global industry. World esports tournaments attract millions of followers around the world, because it’s about an interesting combination of emotions, sports, game and show.

BETER is a leading sports and esports content provider that powers ESportsBattle tournaments. The brand includes 15,000 efootball, ebasketball, Ice Hockey and CS:GO matches that register 22 million views every month. This data proves the mission of the brand — development of the industry by creating and distributing a wide range of fast and marginal content. ESportsBattle stands out because of the high quality of 24/7 multi-streamed live esports events, that elicit the deepest of fans’ emotions.

          Esports development: who will reach the top? 

Esports is also becoming popular thanks to the desire of young people to become professional cybersportsmen. However, to successfully participate in tournaments teenagers need to hone their skills. That’s an ambitious wish, but wishing doesn’t make it so. Young guys sometimes lack knowledge and experience despite hours of sitting at the monitor screen. Many do not know how to work in a team, because they are used to playing alone.

ESportsBattle includes educational online and offline programs with mentoring from top players and coaches. The ESportsBattle Academy was established for this purpose. This initiative helps potential esports to become professional athletes in the esports industry. ESportsBattle Academy offers the possibility of getting a profession in the esports industry for young talents. The educational programme has been developed to encourage those with an interest in esports disciplines to become professional cyberathletes.