Lead Generation for Recruitment Agencies

Whether you are a startup recruitment agency or an established one, the one factor that can help you in growing your business is lead generation. The only difference in an established and new agency is that in the case of the former, you start getting preferred supplier lists quickly while in the case of the latter, you have to struggle to find new leads.

There are certain strategies that can be followed to find the required leads. These strategies can be used in tandem to one another to get maximum leads.

Lead Generation Strategies

As lead generation for recruitment agencies is an important aspect, they need to ensure that the strategies that they use are effective and that they have a plan B in case plan A does not brings the desired results.

Attend Events: Attending various events like recruitment drives or job fairs is a good way of getting leads. You can attend to the likely candidates in person; get to know about their interests, job prospects and other aspects. This is a very good way of getting lots of leads for your recruitment agency.

Use blogs: Offering free advice and tips regarding topics like ‘how to find the best job’, ‘tips about career mapping’ or job seeking on your blog will get you good leads. As more and more traffic gets to read your blogs, more will be the amount of leads that you will generate.

Inbound activities: There are certain inbound activities like social media advertising or blogging that can help you generate leads. The idea is to be in front of the eyes of the candidates that are looking for different jobs. You can even specify your area of expertise so that particular types of candidates apply for jobs.

Outbound activities: While inbound activities bring their share of leads, you can also make use of outbound activities like cold calls and LinkedIn messaging to get more leads. Making use of referrals and events can also be a way of getting more leads. You must also keep a track of the activities and see whether they are getting the desired results or not. You can focus on the channel that is getting good results.

Advertise online: The internet is the best way to spread the word that you are a recruitment agency working for the interests of the candidates on the one hand and the employees’-seeking companies on the other. Both will be taking the help of the internet to find a mediator to get them connected. You can be that connector and therefore, advertising on the internet is a must.

The idea is to be in front of the eyes of the candidates and the companies so that they can take your help whenever required. You can use the internet to publicize your work and make a firm standing. Once this popularity is gained, there is no looking back and the preferred supplier lists would start pouring in.

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