What are the benefits of accident cover in bike insurance?

Riding a bike is an exciting experience. It is one of the preferred modes of private transportation in India. While a bike allows you to cruise through the town conveniently, it also comes with accident risks. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 made it mandatory for all vehicle owners to invest in a primary, third party insurance cover.

Still, it is always better to pay a slightly higher premium and invest in specific additional bike insurance covers that provide added security, especially in accidents and uncertain consequences.

Personal accident cover

It is an essential feature of two-wheeler insurance, offering protection against serious injuries sustained by the bike rider in an accident or death. Additional covers are also available for pillion riders in an accident. You get compensation of approximately Rs. 1 lakh as personal accident cover, and the age limit should be between 18 and 65 years.

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy includes additional factors making it attractive. While it is not compulsory to pay a high premium, you must do so for a higher sum assured. Remember to renew your insurance annually and before expiry.


After digitisation, you benefit from buying online bike insurance by visiting the website, reading the inclusions, comparing the plans, and deciding on an affordable scheme. You receive the policy document at your registered email address which is valid as proof.

Accidental death

If you are the family’s breadwinner, it is ideal to opt for an accidental death cover. However, it puts the financial condition of all the dependant members in trouble and increases the financial liabilities. On the other hand, if you buy the personal accident cover as part of your 2-wheeler insurance policy, your dependant family members get 100% of the total sum assured for stability during the financial crisis.


Depending upon the accident’s severity, you suffer a temporary or permanent disability that adversely impacts your family’s finances. If the injury sustained in the accident is permanent, the policyholder gets 100% of the sum assured. Accident cover in the insurance policy also makes provisions for temporary or permanent partial disabilities. You receive compensation with a pre-determined percentage amount of the sum assured.

Cash allowance

Suppose you sustain severe injuries in a road accident that require hospitalisation for a certain period. In that case, you get a cash allowance to meet these expenses for a maximum period of 50 days from the time of admission.

24×7 assistance

Along with the personal accident cover, you also become eligible for 24×7 claim assistance to help you with all your claim filing and redressal needs. Also, most insurance companies provide roadside assistance for you to receive help as soon as possible. The helpline offers instant support and guides you through the claim process during stressful times.

Renewal benefits

When you buy online 2-wheeler insurance, you can remain carefree about renewal as the insurance provider sends you email and SMS reminders for it. It provides you with unlimited access to the policy document and enables you to upgrade it without physical visits to the branch. It saves time and money as you escape penalty payments to traffic authorities.


Buying an insurance policy for your two-wheeler is a boon for your family and pocket. It saves you from unnecessary third-party expenses in an accident and allows your family to roam freely on Indian roads.