What Can I Sell to a Pawnbroker?

Got some old jewellery or antique items hanging around the house that you’re dying to get rid of? It would be nice if you could get some extra cash for those dust collectors, and maybe you can. A pawnbroker can be your one-stop shop for selling old stuff and making a profit. Read on to learn more about what they buy and how it works.

What to Sell

Pawnbrokers are ready to hand over cold hard cash for valuable items such as watches and gold jewellery. If you have items such as this in your home, bring them into a local pawn shop or broker’s office to get a value estimate. The gold market is always in business, so pawnbrokers are constantly looking for gold accessories, such as necklaces, rings, and watches. Gold coins and bars, as well as scrap, can also bring in some money.

Besides gold, you could also bring in some silver bullion or coins, luxury watches, or diamonds. Loose diamonds, costume jewellery, and broken or functional watches are all up for grabs.

How it Works

A pawnbroker can help you use your valuable items to secure a loan. Pawnbrokers work with clients on trading in their items for a set loan amount. Clients can borrow the cash that they need, and once they pay back the loan amount, they receive their item back, safe and sound. This can be a great way to make payments on a car or top-dollar item without sacrificing a valuable family heirloom or historical artifact.

This collateral system works out very well for tons of clients all the time. Pawnbrokers are required by law to do clean business, and they have climbed the social ladder and are now working with wealthier customers.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you head out to the nearest pawnbroker, you will want to keep a few key details in mind. For one, you want to make sure that the pawnbroker is legitimate and has a reputable business. Do they have a licence to do business with the public? You will also want to check out their loan interest rates so that you know what to expect from their services. Different shops may have varying rates, so it’s a good idea to browse before committing to one pawnbroker.

In addition, ask about their policies, including their grace period and what happens if you have trouble paying back the loan amount. How do they deal with loan extensions? Be sure to keep copies of all of the paperwork and keep it in a safe place.

By now, you might be thinking, are there any pawnbrokers near me? There are definitely some local shops waiting to do business with you, including us, so check out our website today!