What Will Decide the Cost of Your Packaging?

There are a number of different components that will decide the cost of your packaging. Besides raw materials and labor cost there are few hidden costs also involved that finally decides the cost of any packaging. Therefore, while calculating the cost of packaging you need to consider the following facts.

What are the hard costs

Hard costs are those that you need to pay directly from your pocket when your packages are designed. Following factors decides the hard cost:

  • Structural design

First of all, you need to provide the dimension, shape and weight details about your product that you want to pack for shipping. Based on your inputs the Computer Aided Design will be done.  This will tell the approximate cost of the package.

  • Graphic design

Now you have to decide what kind of logo design that you want to print on the packings. What are the various letters that you want to print and about your color selections. Depending upon the complexity of your graphic design, number of letters and colors selected your price of packaging will vary.

  • Custom manufacturing

Once your designing process is over then it has to go for manufacturing. During this process the material cost, and all other tooling and printing costs will be calculated. The price will also greatly vary upon the quantity that you are planning to order.

  • Supplies

Along with packing box you need to consider supply of various other packing materials that you need to source from many different sources. Those costs also add up in the total cost of your packaging.

  • Shipping

You will also need to pay shipping cost for transporting all the packaging items to your door steps so that you can use them for packing.

All these costs that you have to pay when your vendor will raise a bill to tell you here’s how much custom boxes cost.  However, there are few additional costs that you do not have to pay directly from your pocket, but you have to consider them to know the full picture. They are as follows:

  • Storing of unused inventory

There will be sufficient quantity of packaging material that you have to store which needs space and proper maintenance. This cost may vary from company to company however this also needs to be considered.

  • Assembly of packing

There is a labor cost involved in creating the box that you can also do by using machines. All these too needs certain cost.