Why Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a word that you may have heard of on the news, or even in a discussion within your social circles; but you might not be aware of exactly what it is. In case you can find a good guide about Bitcoin here.

On the other hand, you may be have an idea of what bitcoin is or even considered trying to buy bitcoin, only to second guess yourself unaware of the benefits.

Whatever the situation is for you, this guide will teach you all about how and why should buy and sell cryptocurrency options, such as bitcoin.

This will then enable you to enter a growing market that has already revolutionised how we make transactions online and is likely to soon spill over into day-to-day real-world transactions too.

What is Bitcoin?

Essentially, Bitcoin is a decentralised currency which works outside the parameters of banks and institutions. It allows people to make transactions to one another, P2P, without a middle man.

It works via a service known as blockchain, which records information of the transaction and is ultra-secure due to being designed with the purpose of being impervious to modification.

In laymen’s terms, what this means is that Bitcoin has no authority that controls it, so people pass it around with peace of mind that the funds are all theirs to do with as they please.

While simultaneously staying safe and secure via technological means, i.e. encryption. Essentially, providing a freer and more secure means of making payments.

Bitcoin is just one of the dozens of different cryptocurrencies that all work via a similar method, and thus, provide the same benefits. However, Bitcoin was the first, the most valuable and by far, the most recognisable in the business.

Why Should you Buy Bitcoin?

The core belief system that Bitcoin was built on was to avoid what happened to thousands of people between 2017-2018 when the financial crash happened due to bad calls from bankers.

The goal was to avoid this by taking the power out of a third party’s hands and back into normal people. As such, it allows independence from big institutions who do not care about you, just making more money.

Apart from this, the technological securities of it mean that you are not only safe from bankers but any other potential threats.

Due to it being encrypted, it means that it is not susceptible to being stolen from you, and via blockchain, all transactions are monitored and have their own history so you know where it came from and where it goes.

Plus, for those who want to stay private, it is also anonymous.

Furthermore, to buy bitcoin now is the ideal time. This is because the wave from 2017 has slowed down and while one coin is still worth around $3,500, much less than its former price, plus you can even buy fractions of a coin.

We are also currently in what is known as a bear market, which means fluctuations are minimal but many expect the currencies to soar again in price in next year or so.

This means an investment today could be worth more tomorrow, or alternatively, if this doesn’t happen soon, your funds will stay the same and you can bide your time until this inevitably happens again.

Why inevitably?

Well, because cryptocurrencies, in general, are reaching the mainstream with Bitcoin leading the charge. Nearly every country in the world has woken up and smelt the bitcoin coffee, making it more accessible than ever before.

Thus, before long it will become widespread which will see the value almost definitely increase by a fair margin.

Ultimately, all the benefits bitcoin previously had, have increased with its emergence in the mainstream which makes it more sustainable than ever before. As such, now is the ideal time to invest as it could be the lowest it will ever be again.

How Can I Buy Bitcoin?

If the prospect of bitcoin sounds appealing, then the easiest way to buy bitcoin is via finding one of the best bitcoin trading platform services out there.

Also known as a crypto trading platform or just cryptocurrency exchange, these enable you to make it as easy as possible to get involved in Bitcoin, as well as find investment opportunities for other lesser-known currencies too. You can find a detailed list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and reviews on

There are loads out there, so it is hard to determine which is the best bitcoin trading platform. However, all of the best crypto trading platform services on the market will definitely allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency and even buy bitcoin with ease.