You’ll Want to Pay Attention to These Five Cryptocurrencies

If you’re tired of Bitcoin and want to spend your hard-earned money on a different cryptocurrency, then you need to make sure that you choose the one that is right for you. These are five great options that you will want to consider.

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Rather than buying Bitcoin, which is something that most everyone is doing right now, if you really want to make a smart investment in your future by purchasing cryptocurrency, then you need to consider one of these five options. They are incredibly important and ones you will be hearing about in the future so it’s time to learn about the new up-and-comers and decide which one might be the right choice for you.

  1. Ethereum

This decentralised software platform makes it easy for users to run their apps without any outside interference or control. It’s perfect for trading almost anything that you can imagine and is known for being powerful and a game-changer. In case you want to purchase Ethereum or even find out how to buy bitcoins in Australia, do check out Bitcoin Dealers and similar trusted dealers.

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  1. Litecoin

This peer-to-peer cryptocurrency is open-source software and was inspired by Bitcoin. There are some major differences, however, including close to a zero-payment cost. Released in 2011, it has a decreased block generation time and a high max of coins.

  1. Dash

Considered to be a secretive version of the popular Bitcoin, this is great for users who really want to remain anonymous. It runs on a decentralised master code network and has transactions that are virtually untraceable.

  1. Ripple

Functioning in real time, Ripple focuses on low-cost instant international payments. Because it doesn’t require mining, there is very little usage of computer power and a minimised network latency. They plan on providing incentives to customers and companies that offer tighter payment spreads and liquidity.

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  1. Zcash

If you want to buy cryptocurrency, then you will need to consider Zcash. While published on the public blockchain, Zcash allows users to rely on extreme privacy that conceals how much is being sent or received as well as the recipient and sender.

With these five great options available for anyone interested in cryptocurrency, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to them after they’ve invested in Bitcoin. If you want the best results when trading cryptocurrencies, then you need to consider whether or not one of these options will be right for you as they all have their own sets of pros and cons that you will want to consider.